Friday, January 21, 2011

Alex Lifeson, guitarist for the rock band Rush

Alex Lifeson, is a Canadian musician, better known as guitarist of Canadian rock band Rush. In 1968, Lifeson founded the band that would become the embryo of the rock band Rush with a friend and original drummer John Rutsey. He has become an integral member of the band's three-piece since then. For the rock band Rush, Alex Lifeson plays electric and acoustic guitars and other stringed instruments such as mandola, mandolin, and bouzouki. He also as backing vocals in live performances, and occasionally plays keyboards and bass pedal synthesizer. During live performances, Lifeson, like other members of Rush, performing real-time trigger instrument samples, along with playing his guitar. Most of the work of Lifeson in music has been with Rush, although Lifeson has contributed to the body of work outside the band as well. Besides music, Lifeson is part owner of the Orbit Room Toronto restaurant, and is a licensed airplane pilot.

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