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Paul Gilbert

Paul Gilbert is the guitarist of Racer X and formerly of Mr. Big. After he parted ways with Mr. Big in 1996, Paul pursued his career as a solo guitarist and has evolved into a successful solo artist/singer/songwriter.

Gilbert composes music in a wide variety of styles including pop, rock, metal, blues, jazz, funk and classical, but is perhaps best known for his versatility and speed. His guitar work is characterised by his floating right hand contrary to the more common anchored right hand that guitarists like Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour favour. He is also considered to be one of the best proponents of alternate picking.

Paul once had his own column in British guitar magazine, Total Guitar. He is sometimes a guest lecturer at the Guitar Institute of Technology (GIT) that he once attended, along with Gary Hoey and many other guitar players. He works a great deal with GIT’s division in Japan, where he lived for a time before relocating to Los Angeles, CA.

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Yngwie Malmsteen

Johan Yngwie Malmsteen (Lars Johan Yngve Lannerb├Ąck) is a guitarist, composer, multi-player, and band leader from Sweden. Malmsteen famous since the mid-1980s as a technique and composition effects of neo-metal classic.Empat from the album, 1984-1988, Rising Force, Marching Out, Trilogy, and Odyssey, occupied the top 100 sales.

Malmsteen was born on June 30, 1963 in Stockholm - Sweden, as the first son of a musician's family berbakat.Pada age of seven, he watched a news story about the death of Jimi Hendrix.Melihat from the official website "The day Jimi Hendrix died, the game Guitar Malmsteen was born" . At age 10, he took his mother's name "Malmsten" as a family name, slightly changed to "Malmsteen" and Yngve translated in English to "Yngwie". At this time Yngwie also makes his first band "Track On Earth", which consists of he himself, and a friend at school Drum.Malmsteen teenager when she first listened to music violinists of the 19th century, Niccolo Paganini, whose influence on classical music.

In late 1982 Malmsteen was brought to the U.S. by Mike Varney of Shrapnel Records, after hearing a demo tape of Malmsteen.

Malmsteen uses Fender stratocasters, especially vintage instruments from 1968 until 1972.Malmsteen using Schecter guitar briefly in the 1980s, who built Stratocaster guitar style was similar to Fenders.Sedangkan in Alcatrazz, he also used the Aria Pro II.


* Steeler - Steeler (1983)
* Alcatrazz - No Parole From Rock N 'roll (1984)
* Alcatrazz - Live Sentence (1984)


* 1984 - Rising Force
* 1985 - Marching out
* 1986 - Trilogy
* 1988 - Odyssey
* 1989 - Trial By Fire: Live in Leningrad
* 1990 - Eclipse
* 1991 - The Yngwie Malmsteen Collection
* 1992 - Fire and Ice
* 1994 - The Seventh Sign
* 1994 - Power And Glory
* 1994 - I Cannot Wait
* 1995 - Magnum Opus
* 1996 - Inspiration
* 1997 - Facing the Animal
* 1998 - Concerto Suite for Electric Guitar and Orchestra
* 1998 - Double LIVE!
* 1999 - Alchemy
* 2000 - Anthology 1994-1999
* 2000 - The Best Of: 1990-1999
* 2000 - War to End All Wars
* 2002 - Concerto Suite LIVE With the New Japan Philharmonic
* 2002 - Attack!!
* 2002 - The Genesis
* 2004 - Oujya Ressou
* 2004 - G3: Rockin 'in the Free World
* 2005 - Unleash the Fury
* 2008 - Perpetual Flame

Joe Satriani

Full Name: Joe Satriani
Place / Date. Born: July 15, 1956, New york - USA
Group present: Joe Satriani
Group Previously: The Squares
Influences: Jimi Hendrix, Ritchie Blackmore
Guitar: Ibanez JS Series
Expertise: Tapping, Alternate Picking, etc..

Joe Satriani, first learned to play guitar at the age of 14 yrs. At the age of 15 years he has taught guitar (for 3 years) to some students who include Steve Vai, Reep Hammett (Metallica) and Larry La Londe (Primus). Can imagine how hard and fast guitar Joe explore. While teaching at Second Hand Guitar, Berklee, he wrote the first album released in 1986 wrote titled yrs Not Of This Earth.

The next year, Surfing With The Alien was released and get the gold and platinium sales. In 1989 Surfing in a Blue Dream was released and reached the figure of 750,000 copies for the sales and into Grammy Awards nominations. In 1992 the extremist in the release which also been nominated for Grammy Awards, and reached 24 on the Billboard ranking charts. The next year

Dream Theater


Dream Theater was originally called Majesty was formed in New York in 1985. Beginning with the collaboration of John Myung (bass), John Petrucci (guitar) and Mike Portnoy (drums) who studied music at Berklee College School of Music, they then recruited Kevin Moore (keyboards) and chriss Collings (vocals). This group later changed its name to Dream Theater because there is another group also named Majesty and demanded that they changed the name.

Their first album, WHEN DREAM AND DAY UNITE released released by the Mechanic Records in 1989. The album failed to penetrate the market and resulted in Dream Theater promo tour was also restricted to around New York alone. Formation changes occurred after this first album. Their second album IMAGES AND WORDS James LaBrie was released with a vocal fill.

In 1999, Jordan Rudess entered keyboardist to fill the position and the same year released the album Dream Theater METROPOLIS PT. 2: SCENES FROM A MEMORY.

Albums, including Dream Theater rarely sells. Only the album IMAGES AND WORDS recorded albums reached gold. But unlike those who live album was more successful with the market. 4 a live album, they even scored a platinum album for Dream Theater.

Dream Theater released recorded 10 studio albums, 5 live albums and 1 compilation album for a career more than 20 years. With last fomasi James LaBrie (vocals), John Myung (bass), John Petrucci (guitar), Mike Portnoy (drums), and Jordan Rudess (keyboards) released their latest album, Systematic Chaos 2007.In 2009 they released the album Black Cloud and Silver Linings.

Steve Vai

Steve Vai (born: Carle Place, New York, June 6, 1960) is a guitarist, songwriter, singer and producer originating from the United States.

* Current Group Band: Steve Vai
* Group Band before : Hot Chocolate, The Ohio Express, Circus, Rayge, Bold As Love, Axis, Morning Thunder, Frank Zappa, The Out Band, The Classified, 777, Alcatrazz, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake
* Impact: Joe Satriani, Frank Zappa
* Guitar: Ibanez Universe, Ibanez JEM

The game started from blues, jazz, rock to classical and ethnic music. Guitar was not limited to the guitar community but also for ordinary people who do not go into a guitar.

At the age of 6 years, Steve began studying the piano. At the age of 10 years, Steve started learning to play the accordion. At the age of 13 years before Steve began to explore the guitar and since then so was born a new guitar god.

Steve Vai started his career with his debut album Flex-Able Leftovers in 1984. In 1990, Steve released his second album entitled Passion and Warfare. The album received international recognition and Steve won the magazine reader's poll in Guitar Player 4 different categories. Steve's third album titled Sex & Religion in 1993 and released his fourth album Alien Love Secrets was released in 1995. In 1996 the fifth album released Steve Fire Garden.

In 1999, Steve released his sixth album titled Ultra Zone. In this album, Steve focuses more on the composition of songs and experimenting with his guitar. Year 2001 album The Seventh Song album was released and contains slow songs / ballads that never released Steve added some new songs. And in the year 2001 Alive in an Ultra World was released.

Steve Vai also have produced 2 albums titled Merry Christmas Axemas Vol.1 and Vol.2 Merry Axemas, the G3 concert also with Joe Satriani and Eric Johnson / Kenny Wayne Shepherd and the last John Petrucci joined also joined in the G3.

Steve Vai recently focused more on guitar experimentation and now Steve Vai band added a bass player who was familiar for rock fans of the 80s, Billy Sheehan.

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