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Chris Caffery is a heavy metal guitarist who is best known for his work as a member of Savatage

Chris Caffery (born September 9, 1967 in Suffern, NY) is a heavy metal guitarist who is best known for his work as a member of Savatage and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Recently, Chris has been pursuing a solo career, releasing three albums since 2004.

Chris began playing guitar at the age of 11, but some of his earliest memories include performing The Beatles song Help! for a show and tell in kindergarten. Chris' favourite bands growing up included The Beatles, KISS, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Rush among others. He has cited guitarists such as Ted Nugent, Rik Emmett, Ace Frehley, Randy Rhoads, Michael Schenker as influences through out the years as well.

Source : wikipedia

Jerry Horton a gutarist of Papa Roach

Jerry Allan Horton Jr. was born on March 10, 1975 in Dixon California. He is the guitarist for Papa Roach and has been playing guitar since he was 15 years old. The first song he learned how to play was ...And Justice For All by Metallica. The main reason he started to play guitar was because he wanted to learn Metallica songs.

Tobin Esperance Bass, Guitar, Programming, Vocals (bckgr) player for Papa Roach

Tobin Esperance knows a thing or two about what it takes to make an alt-metal mega hit—he’s Papa Roach’s primary songwriter, and he wrote or co-wrote all of the music on the band’s latest record, Getting Away with Murder. For Tobin, having a songwriter’s sensibility is key to being a solid bassist. “Learning how to craft an arrangement has really helped me understand when to play and when not to play, when to let the fills breathe, and when to let the vocals breathe—and that’s made me a better bass player,” he explains.

“I can get notey as a mofo if I want to, but being supportive is just as fun. ‘Not Listening’ is an example of where I had to lay back a bit,” he says. “There are a lot of tricky, intertwined rhythms, so I just had to stick to the groove and play right down the middle. Anything more would have just complicated the song, and it would have lost any infectious qualities it has. Nothing feels greater to me than a deep pocket,” he adds. “I put on the stinky cheese face and just follow the groove.”

Esperance, who cites reggae as a big influence on his playing, resists the temptation to strike a cool-guy pose and churn out glorified guitar riffs. “Sometimes locking up with the guitar isn’t bad,” he shrugs, “but I prefer to make things more interesting.”

At home and on the road, Tobin is always prepared to work through what might become the next Papa Roach album. “I like to be ready whenever a creative thought comes to me—a melody, a riff, a chord progression, whatever,” he explains. “So I have an acoustic guitar in just about every room in my house, and on tour I keep one in the front of the bus, one in the back lounge, and one in our dressing room. Plus, I have a piano at home, and I take a keyboard on the road. And I have Pro Tools rigs at home, in the studio, and on the bus. As you can see, I like to be ready.

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Jacoby Shaddix the lead singer of Californian rock band Papa Roach

Jacoby Shaddix is the lead singer of Californian rock band Papa Roach, and, along with bass guitarist Tobin Esperance, the main songwriter for the band.

Background information
Birth name : Jacoby Shaddix
Born : July 28, 1976 (1976-07-28) (age 33) Mariposa, California, USA
Genres : Hard rock, alternative rock, alternative metal, nu metal, funk rock
Occupations : Musician, singer-songwriter, lyricist Instruments Lead vocals
Years active : 1993-present
Labels : El Tonal, Eleven Seven Music, DGC, Interscope, Geffen, DreamWorks
Associated acts : Papa Roach Fight the Sky

Source : wikipedia

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