Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Chris Impellitteri Master guitar picking on alternate picking chicken and neoclassic

Shredder guitarist Chris Impellitteri is a very tough game and is often compared to Yngwie Malmsteen. In terms of musical colors that brought Chris is similar to Yngwie & Rainbow, but the technique of the game Chris was more similar to Paul Gilbert. Chris is the only guitarist who can play as hard as alternate picking, as strongly, as accurately and as quickly as Paul Gilbert!

Chris is a guitarist first three were selected as guitarist Alcatrazz, ie Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen and Chris himself. So Chris is a generation with Vai and Yngwie! Chris's self-financed his first instrumental album in 1986 and formed the first band group with vocalist Graham Bonnet (Rainbow / MSG), keyboardist Phil Wolfe, bassist Chuck Wright (ex-Quiet Riot) and drummer Pat Torpey (Mr.Big) in 1987. Chris game reached its peak in 1992 when he launched the album "Grin and Bear It", some of Chris before recording this album include: "Impellitteri" (debut - 1987) and "Stand In Line" (1998) and video lesson "Speed soloing "(1989) still sounds dirty once the alternate picking. The rapid progress of Chris is amazing start in 1992 they will be, even in 2000 Chris was interviewed by the magazine "Young Guitar" for interview "Paul Gilbert vs. Chris Impellitteri".

Chris is increasingly fierce game that you can listen to on the next albums are: "Victim Of The System" (1993), "Answer To The Master" (1994), "Screaming Symphony" (1996), "Fuel For The Fire" (1997), "Eye Of The Hurricane" (1998), "Crunch" (2000) and the latest album to be released "Seek and Destroy" (2002).

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