Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mike Mangini, the new Dream Theater Drummer

After rejecting Mike Portnoy (News), Dream Theater provides the latest information through the official website at That DT recruit Mike Mangini, in place of Mike Portnoy, who had resigned some time ago. Mike Mangini who was born in April 18, 1963 in Newton, Massachusetts.

He was a teacher at Berklee College of Music in Boston and listed as five fastest drummer. He joined with Dream Theater after the departure of Mike Portnoy.Mike Mangini began playing drums when he was five years old. He can practice six to ten hours a day, when he was nine he was already mimicking Buddy Rich show.

After graduating from Waltham Senior High School in 1981, Mangini put aside his music studies to pursue a Computer Science major at Bentley College. After graduation Mike began programming software for the Patriot Missile program. At the same time, he worked on a program to study the relationship between the brain and the human body.

In 1987, Mangini scored one of the show's first 'high profile' playing drums for the Rick Berlin Band in Boston, where he worked with bassist Philip Bynoe. She also teaches private drum in Boston for this.

Although Mike Portnoy has requested to re-join with Dream Theater, but it seems like Dream Theater has chosen as their drummer Mike Mangini.

Let's see the surprises of Dream Theater and Mike Mangini.

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